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Date: Wednesday December 12, 2012

Time: 12 - 12:30 PM EST 

Quantify Value

A common complaint against value-based strategy is that it's too hard for the average business person to quantify value. That it's a task best left to an expert with a complex spreadsheet. We could not disagree more.

Anybody can quantify the unique value they provide to their customers. Over the past year, LeveragePoint has worked with hundreds of cross-functional managers to successfully apply the steps of economic value modeling.

In this presentation, we are happy to share our expertise for tackling common value estimation challenges such as estimating intangible or "soft" value (such as risk and brand recognition), justifying the value of a bundled offer, and differentiating against "free" in-house/status quo solutions.

Join Ed Arnold and Roberto Rivera as they share examples of their first-hand customer experiences resolving these and other value quantification issues. Get practical "how-to" advice on how to get a handle of the true value of your differentiation, whether you are an experienced value modeler or just beginning.