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Date: Wednesday February 27, 2013

Time: 12 - 12:30 PM EST 

John Hogan

Improving new product success rates sits near the top of every CEO's agenda because of the impact new products have on financial performance.  Given their importance, it's striking that new product success rates have improved little over the last 20 years.  A key reason for this anomaly is that most development processes leak customer value and miss growth opportunities.   
Value can leak from a development process in many ways.  A value leak occurs whenever a feature is added that improves performance but does not increase customer value (leading to a more expensive product that customers won't pay more for).  Similarly, value leaks every time a new product is under-priced to recover costs instead of capture the value created for customers.   Sealing value leaks such as these will transform the development process and improve new product success rates.
We are excited to have John Hogan join us to identify common value leaks and show how you can seal them by incorporating "value gates" into your development process. He will share real-world examples of how firms have used this approach to substantially improve new product success.

John Hogan is co-author of The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing and is a recognized thought leader and speaker on the topic of strategic pricing and value-based marketing strategies. As founder of Value Management Advisors, he works with clients a range of industries including technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Previously, John was a Partner at Monitor Group, a global management consulting firm, and managed corporate pricing strategies for General Motors.