On-demand Webinar: How to Implement Value-based Pricing in B2B Enterprises

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Joanne Smith
Former Corp. Director of Marketing and Pricing, Dupont

Author, The Pricing and Profit Playbook 


View this on-demand webinar where Joanne Smith, former Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing at DuPont and author of  The Pricing and Profit Playbook, will share practical steps on how to implement value-based pricing, and ensure that the practice stays in place, at a B2B enterprise. Based on her professional experience, she will expand on the strategic and behavioral activities which surround the pricing function and provide a road map to implement (and continue) the methodology across functions and processes. 

You will learn:

  • How to establish trust with customers so pricing changes are not seen negatively
  • How to begin the value-based pricing transformation
  • The need to consider all three foundational elements of pricing: transactional, value , and strategic pricing
  • Practical steps to get started with value-based pricing
  • How to customize offerings based on customer segments
  • How to ensure that value-based practices stay engrained in company culture and processes  
Learn how successful B2B enterprises have been able to achieve profit growth and improve customer value by embedding methodologies and behaviors based on value into pricing processes and company culture. Hear how change management from competitive and cost-plus approaches to value-based pricing can be rewarding at enterprises establishing clear guidelines and expectations.


About the Presenter:

Joanne Smith, Author Pricing and Profit PlaybookJoanne Smith spent 20 years driving profitability from a variety of business, marketing, and pricing leadership roles inside DuPont and is the author of The Pricing and Profit Playbook. As the Corporate Director of Marketing and Pricing in DuPont, she headed a highly innovative pricing team that influenced senior leaders including those in the marketing and sales organizations to adopt new market-based approaches.

Currently, she runs Price to Profits Consulting, which assists B2B companies in transforming their pricing performance to enhance long-term profitability. 


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